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The state of Ohio is set to change the well pad construction

Once again, there is a revision of rules for well pad construction of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It was September 2014, when the rule was last revised.


The new rule will not be effected immediately. It will be revised by the Ohio Common Sense Initiative and Joint Committee on Agency Rules Reviewed it simultaneously.


The Energy and Environment Law blog of Vorys Sater Seymour and Pease LLP is recommended to study here. The dense has offices in Akron and six other cities.


What is well pad construction?


It is a construction process involving grading, drainage, soil quality, nearby water bodies and streams and liner defense around the amenities are just a few of the many concerns. It depend on the, topography and the rules to make well pad construction safe for all concerned.


Information and Image reference : www.ohio.com


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