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Ohio regulator approves Middleton Power Plant

The Ohio Construction Regulator has given power to a Florida based power-construction firm to engineer a power plant on 46 acre in Middletown, as the cincinati.com has published.


The Ohio Power Siting Board on Monday approved the natural gas-fired generation facility immediately south of AK Steel. The $550 million project will create 300 to 400 temporary construction jobs after construction begins next year and 25 to 30 permanent positions once it becomes operational in 2018.


Middletown officials have expressed support for the project, saying it would provide much-needed jobs and the capacity to draw more large industrial businesses. City officials have estimated the permanent jobs at the plant would generate $2 million in payroll taxes for Middletown.


The plant will connect to the region’s power grid via Duke Energy’s Foster-Todhunter transmission line. Gas pipelines and electrical transmission lines already are present near the project’s site at the intersection of Oxford State and Cincinnati-Dayton roads.


St. Augustine, Florida-based NTE Energy, which will build the plant, says it will serve mostly industrial and government users but that it would generate enough electric power to supply 400,000 homes. Powered by natural gas and steam, the plant is designed to emit 60 percent less emissions than a conventional power plant.


NTE Energy’s authorization to proceed is contingent on a several stipulations to mitigate impact during construction and operation of the facility.


NTE Energy was formed in 2009 with a collection of senior managers who’ve worked in the industry, including designing and building power plants to forming commercial arrangements with customers. The company has been working on this project since mid-2013. It’s also working to develop state-of-the-art facilities in Texas and North Carolina.


The industrial park will serve as an important asset for the Springfield and Clark County, he said. Combined with the Champion City Business Park at the corner of Belmont and Lagonda avenues, the sites could provide space for as many as 1,300 jobs, according to economic development officials.


Information reference : www.cincinnati.com


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