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How Long the Road Construction in Ohio Valley Irritate the Commuters?

The people are getting bored and pissed off as the construction projects of Ohio Valley seem to block every turn. www.wtrf.com reported that people’s anger and patience getting out of control.


The website reported that a doctor at East Ohio Regional Hospital said he spent two hours a week sitting in traffic. However, ODOT officials said this work would bring the merry time for Ohio residence.


Dr. Gabriel Sella of East Ohio Regional Hospital had a meeting at OVMC Tuesday. He had to start out from Martins Ferry, 30 minutes before the meeting, just to get there on time.


“In almost 28 years that I have lived in this valley, it never took me programming half an hour to get across Wheeling to Ohio Valley Medical Center,” Sella said.


He opines the traffic generally go haywire in Bridgeport. He comes from Steubenville to Bridgeport, where you have to cross four or five construction zones. The other residents are concerned about the detour which seems to be unsafe.


"With Marion Street closed, that's bad enough. But Route 40, you've got so many potholes you can't drive fast. You're gonna have bottlenecks everywhere," Allan Blanchard said.


ODOT officials acknowledged the public anger and frustration, but sure that it would bring smile at the end. They say the work must go on.


“I know it's difficult. The only thing I would ask them is to be patient. We're working hard. We're progressing as we'd like to. And I think in the end we'll see the results,” ODOT official Brett Porter said.


However most people alleged, this road work must be done seasonally in summer. No intimidation has been given to the people and drivers, and the outcome of anger from everyone being thrown off schedule.


People alleged, they don't know about the work there and no one is letting them know. They felt let down and panicked.


“Perhaps we are not important enough. But I think we are," Sella said.


However, there are different opinions as well as not every driver in the Ohio Valley is annoyed.


“I'm just glad that construction is finally beginning this summer. They're finally fixing the roads. You're gonna have construction somewhere. So at least they're doing a good job on everything. “Dean Barath said.


Here is the good news. Two Marion Street ramps will be re-opened in July this year. And, the back to back bad news for the driver is they'll start making road surface on Route 40 in Bridgeport in August.


Information Reference : www.wtrf.com

How Long the Road Construction in Ohio Valley Irritate the Commuters?

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