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CALL 6 Identified Constructional problems at Closed I-65 Extension

As per the latest assessment report the Interstate 65 Northbound Bridge over Wildcat Creek has problems with its foundation and supports.


The last inspection was performed on May 19, 2015 of the bridge which was built in 1969. As per the inspectors report the span's superstructure, or supporting components are in fair condition, but rust and minor section loss has been identified. The report also listed that the span's substructure or establishment is in poor condition and noticed a percentage of the orientation were tilted.


In September 2014 there was very similar worries listed regarding the bridge’s foundation and support structure. According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, teams were working to enlarge the extension this week when they saw unordinary development.


As per the INDOT spokesman Will Wingfield, the Transport Department is still trying to assess about the bearings falling out of the bridge. The department will apply any experience to the Wildcat Creek scaffolds and others on their framework if appropriate. At this moment our department is emphasising on to resolve the effects and make it usable for traffic as quickly as possible.


At present department has planed to replace rocker bearings with reinforced rubber pads, extend the bridge and replaced the concrete deck, and install stone along the creek banks to minimize erosion around the vertical bridsge piers.


As per Will Wingfield, INDOT spokesman, reviewer conducts total check up each year to find problems and maintain them. As pro Wingfield, INDOT surveys the most recent investigation information and chooses the right activities for a span's life cycle every year. The main focus of INDOT is to sustain bridges and keep them in useable condition for as long as possible.


This is not the first time crews have close a highway due to a bridge’s safety issue. According to Wingfield, the Martin Luther King Drive span over I-80/94 in Gary, the 96th Street span over I-465 on the northwest side of Indianapolis, the I-465 scaffold over the I-69 southbound incline on the city's upper east side, and the I-64 Sherman Minton Bridge over the Ohio River into Louisville remained close due to bridge’s safety issue.


A variety of problems including structural issues, a truck hitting a beam and an exploding propane tanker has been identified by Call 6 investigator between 2006 and 2014.


Northbound lanes of I-65 in Tippecanoe County started working at late Wednesday night after crews worked to repair the bridge. Groups introduced provisional bolster pillars to get to and make repairs on a vertical riverbank dock. New backings were then introduced underneath the extension bars.


CALL 6 Identified Constructional problems at Closed I-65 Extension

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