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Construction Systems Management Courses

CONSYSMT 440 Construction Surveying and Site Development U 5


Terms : Summer, Autumn, Spring
Principles of hydrology, soil mechanics, and surveying as applied to site development for residential and commercial construction. 2 2-hr cl, 1 3-hr lab. Prereq: 305, Physics 111 or 131, CS&E 101 or 105 or 200 or Engineer 182 or 183, En Graph 121 or 166 or Engineer 181.

CONSYSMT 441 Construction Drawings and Estimating U 5


Terms : Autumn, Winter, Spring
Reading and interpretation of construction drawings and specifications for buildings. Estimating the material requirements of building construction projects using commercially available estimating aids. 3 cl, 2 2-hr labs. Prereq: 240, 241, 310, 345, and 440. Not open to students with credit for Ag&ConSM 341.


Construction Systems Management Courses


CONSYSMT 540 Estimating and Scheduling U G 4


Terms :Autumn, Winter, Spring
Principles of estimating and scheduling applied to standard commercial/ residential construction including material, equipment and labor.3 cl, 1 2-hr lab. Prereq: 441.



CONSYSMT 641 Construction Project Management U G 3


Terms : Autumn, Winter, Spring
The management of standard commercial/residential construction, including planning, material management (logistics), resource procurement, codes and standards, construction funding, personnel management and labor unions. 3 cl. Prereq: 540.


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